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Who is the best candidate for City Council?


Participation in city government is imperative to understanding how it functions. The more you participate, the more you know. Not having that knowledge can impede a Council Member's ability to make smart, informative decisions. When examining the current list of candidates, several questions should come to mind:


Which candidate has sacrificed his personal time to attend far more than just the last two or three City Council meetings?

Which candidate eagerly sat on the sidelines, and offered his input to the City's Council Work Sessions, Budget Hearings, Code Review, and Undergrounding Committee Meetings?

Which candidate was already known for being actively involved in our City's Government well before the Election?

Dave Gattis, that's who!


Does this mean that I have all the answers? No, but it clearly demonstrates the level of commitment that I will give to this City and its residents.

Elect the candidate proven to be Decisive - Determined - Dependable

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Sunday, 26 May 2019