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My (FREE) Effective Communications Plan

Effective, two-way communications are imperative to any healthy relationship. You can yell till you’re blue in the face, but if no one is listening, what’s the point? On the other hand, if you are the one that's listening, and only get the silent treatment, this can be just as damaging. After surveying our community, I realized that Belleair Beach has a serious communication problem. My plan will fix it.
My (FREE) Effective Communications Plan
Problem: Our City needs a cost-effective system that will contact ALL residents for emergencies and non-emergencies via Telephone, Text Messages and Email. This system should allow anyone in our City to sign up and decide exactly which messages they would like, and how they would like to receive them.
My Plan: Make use of Pinellas County’s (FREE) notification service, Alert Pinellas. It accomplishes all requirements listed above, and give us severe weather alerts. Why aren’t we doing this already?
Problem: The residents of Belleair Beach need a way to publicly share and discuss their ideas and concerns, not only with other residents, but also our City Officials.
My Plan: Add (FREE) forum software to the City’s existing website that will allow residents and City Officials to ask questions, share information, join in community discussions, and subscribe to topics of their choice. This gives our community a direct line to the City Council all month-long, not just for 3 minutes at the start of each City Council Meeting.
Problem: Most people don’t have time to attend public meetings, but would prefer to watch or listen to them at home.
My Plan: Live stream all public meetings on (FREE) YouTube. Everyone will be able to watch or listen to any meeting live, or at a later date. It will also take the mystery out of what goes on at City Hall between the regular Council Meetings.
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Saturday, 25 May 2019